BIM Execution Plan

Once the client has defined the context of the project and its associated BIM Goals, it is necessary to translate them according to the stakeholders and their BIM maturity, throughout the project phases (programming, design, construction, operation, maintenance…).

Contents of a BEP
  • 1) Roles and responsibilities of each team.
  • 2) Strategy planning of key deliverables.
  • 3) Set key project milestones & their timeline.
  • 4) Well planned logistics of collaborative processes (i.e. BIM Modeling).
  • 5) Project Information Plan (PIP).
  • 6) Task Information Delivery Plan (TIDP) identifying the delivery of each supplier’s information.
  • 7) Master Information Delivery Plan(MIDP).
  • 8) Coordination schedule with roles and defined protocols.
  • 9) Working Procedures.
    • a. BIM iterations management.
    • b. File naming conventions.
    • c. Construction tolerance expectations.
    • d. Data attribute requirement.
    • e. Approach to annotation, abbreviations, and symbols to avoid potential ambiguity.
    • f. Software to be employed.
    • g. Data transfer management (Data format, exchange tools, etc.)