Why Us


A pool of experts who are highly experienced in BIM & Structure Design. Implemented over 100 projects in various countries throughout Asia and received good feedbacks from the clients.

Prism stays true to our promises, we take great pride in fulfilling our promises to our clients.


Prism has over 50 highly experienced and professional Engineers, Architects & BIM modelers to solve your immediate need.

Prism always has been able to fulfill our clients’ schedule on numerous projects that we had handled

Meticulous planning for every project phase to ensure the project is on schedule and quality is not compromised.


Prism places enormous focus and effort on providing quality BIM services.

At Prism, providing quality service is an integral part of our belief.

Our members are relentless in the pursuit of providing high-quality services.

Rigorous standards set for each project; constant reviews are conducted to exceed our clients.


Readily available project databases (>100), accumulated from our past projects. It acts as a comprehensive guide and reference to address our clients’ requirements We are committed to continuously improving our efficiency through skill upgrading training and mentoring scheme.

Highly efficient service at a competitive price.

How we maintain Quality

For every BIM project, below is how we do Team structure.

Quality Assurance Plan

A separate team consisting of experienced professionals will do the quality control for the BIM model created by different trades. These would include all types of checks including:

Visual Check:

Ensure there are no unintended model components and the design intent has been followed by using navigation software.

Interference Check:

Detect problems in the model where two building components are clashing by a Conflict Detection software.

Standards Check:

Ensure that the model is to the standards agreed upon by the team.

Element Validation:

Ensure that the dataset has no undefined or incorrectly defined elements to determine that the model created is of assured quality.

Quality can be assured through dedicated team effort; the main objective of the QC process is to detect potential problems as early as possible and correct the discrepancies.

The entire QC process is done through three consecutive phases:

QC Check PhaseI

  • The 1st level of QC is done by each team member. The model is plotted on paper and with a yellow marker grid by grid check is done, comparing it with the original contract documents as per the Checklist.
  • Project Managers/Team will send QC Department the Project Schedules/Status of the files that are going to be delivered to the client.
  • QA/QC Manager will allocate the files to QC Team to complete the QC phase II.

QC Check PhaseII

QC team checks the Hard copy of contract documents with the 3D BIM model.

The priority of the Checking as per Project Scope, Specifications and QC Checklists is as follows:

  • Missing data
  • Mismatch with contract document
  • Coordination between the disciplines Constructability
  • Any Other Issues

QA/QC Team will continuously interact with Team Leads and Team Members and help them to solve any technical issues related to the project.

QC Check PhaseIII

Project Manager conducts the pre-shipment final QC of the model and drawings on a sample basis.

The QC process can be demonstrated in a flow chart as follows:

Why us

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