Structure Design

Structure Design is one of our core competency. With over a decade of experience as our Chief Consultant, we have worked as structural designers for many Residential, Commercial, High Rise, Industrial, Integrated Townships, Hospitals, Hotels, Bungalows, stadiums, and Institutional Buildings. We have done structure design of more than 3000 structures in India

Many projects, such as high-rise structures, long- span structures require experienced knowledge about their unique structural requirements. Projects geographically located in areas of high seismicity, in high-wind zones, and an area where the soil has low bearing capacity also require special design consideration. We have designed hundreds of these types of projects over the years and we have a comprehensive understanding of required design guidelines and best practices to make these projects a success.

We use the most advanced analysis and design software’s to get to our results. We have integration of many software’s that is we interchange one model of a project from one software to another based on the requirement. With extensive use of Etabs for analysis of structure, we perform peer review and do proof checking. Performing non-linear and disproportionate collapse analysis helps us to add value engineering to the projects.

We are committed to sustainable design practices, including Griha design principles as demanded by many clients today in the development of high-performance, sustainable buildings.