Rebar Modelling

We create accurate 3D rebar models for reinforced concrete and precast concrete structures for global contractors, Builders, Developers and Structural Engineers addressing practical situation during inception, design, construction and operations.

Because we are using 3D modelling software we can perform adequate clash checking with better visualization which leads to constructible rebar models. Rebars can be automatically numbered and drawings with bending schedules can be quickly generated from the 3D rebar models.

3D Rebar Modelling Includes
  • Bar bending schedule with optimized usage of all cut lengths for each diameter of bar.
  • Bar Dia, Number, Total Length and Total Weight.
  • BOQ in Customer Specific Formats and BOQ for procurement assistance.
  • Formwork BOQ, Area wise quantities and Schedule wise quantities.
  • Analytics and BIM-based visualization support.
  • Clash reports within Rebar & Resolution Support.
  • Mock-Up / Proto type modeling.
Photo of Rebar Modelling