Structure Design for Projects in India

We have done more than 3000 structure designs for projects in India. With over a decade of experience to our Chief Consultant, we have worked as a structural designer for many Residential, Commercial, High Rise, Industrial, Integrated Townships, Hospitals, Hotels, Bungalows, stadiums, and Institutional Buildings.

Many projects, such as high-rise structures, long- span structures require experienced knowledge about their unique structural requirements. Projects geographically located in areas of high seismicity, in high-wind zones, and an area where the soil has low bearing capacity also require special design consideration. We have designed hundreds of these types of projects over the years and we have a comprehensive understanding of required design guidelines and best practices to make these projects a success.

We use the most advanced analysis and design software’s to get to our results. We have integration of many software’s that is we interchange one model of a project from one software to another based on the requirement. With extensive use of Etabs, RISA, SAFE for analysis of structure, we perform peer review and do proof checking. Performing non-linear and disproportionate collapse analysis helps us to add value engineering to the projects.

Our detailed drawings with all sections show each and every rebar, each steel member which gives complete clarity to the execution team.

Sample Structure Design drawing of one of our project in India
Photos of Structure Design
List of Structure Design Projects
  1. Green City, Nagpur – Two towers of G+7.
  2. G+32 Tower in Mumbai, Antariksha building at Andheri.
  3. 250 Resident medical hostel at GMC, PWD Nagpur.
  4. Industrial Sheds of Different sizes – Over 200+ structures.
  5. Industrial Shed for HPCL.
  6. Compound wall and other RCC structures for HPCL.
  7. Type D Quarters At Ajni, PWD, Nagpur.
  8. G+5 Multispecialty Hospital for Mr Ansari at Seoni, MP.
  9. G+5 shopping mall at Chandrapur.
  10. G+5 residential scheme at Gorewada, Nagpur.
  11. G+4 residential tower at Besa, Nagpur for Fakhri Infravenures.
  12. Residence of Mr. Vivek Patil, Nagpur.
  13. Residence of Mr. Gupta, Nagpur.
  14. Residence of Mr. Anup Agrawal, Nagpur.
  15. Apartment Scheme for Kesar Buildcon at Wadi, Nagpur.
  16. Ashtavinayak Residency (Borele BuildCon Pvt. Ltd), New Raipur.
  17. Residential quarters of Type 2 and Type 3 for PWD, Nagpur.
  18. Cottage for Resort at Pench.
  19. Residence of Mr. Kishor Moon, Nagpur.
  20. Apartment Scheme for Arcado Builders at Mankapur, Nagpur.
  21. Aparment scheme for Sufiyan at Mankapur, Nagpur.
  22. Residence of Mr Sajid, Nagpur.
  23. Cotton and ginning mill of 40-meter span truss at Hinganghat.
  24. Jain Temple, Chandrapur.
  25. (G+6) residential apartment scheme for Prestige Builder, Nagpur.
  26. Mortuary building at Mayo Hospital, Integrated Division, PWD, Nagpur.
  27. Ganraya heights 1: 12 Flats Manish Nagpur by Pinnacle Group.
  28. Ganraya heights 2: 9 flats Sonegaon Lake Nagpur by Pinnacle Group.
  29. Mahalaxmi Residency 1: 4 flat, Gopal Nagar, Nagpur by Pinnacle Group.
  30. Mahalaxmi Residency 2 8 flat+4 Shop, Aashirwad Nagar, Nagpur by Pinnacle Group.
  31. Swapnashil 1 – 6 flats, Jawahar Nagar, Manewada by Pinnacle Group.
  32. Swapnashil 2 – 6 flats, Dattarya Nagar, Nagpur by Pinnacle Group.
  33. Mr Sonal Jaiswal (Hero Honda Showroom at Junardeo)
  34. Wadi flat Scheme at Wadi, Nagpur (Kesar Buildcon)
  35. Marriage Hall of Mr. Bhandari at Chandrapur.
  36. Mr. Kamlakar Residence and the commercial block behind Le Meridian, Nagpur.
  37. Mr. Sandeep Agrawal Residence, Nagpur.
  38. 12 number of Godown and 8 number of cold storage units for APMC.
  39. PEB Siemens office at Nagpur.
  40. Commercial complex for Mr. Sankalp Jain at Gondia.
  41. Residence for Mr. Bagga at Gondia
  42. Godown for Mr. Manish Thakrani at Gondia.
  43. Mr. Vikas Jain Gym and Residence at Gondia.
  44. Godown for Mr Jain at Gondia.
  45. Mr. Revatkar Residence at Chandrapur.
  46. Malhar Shopping mall at Raipur.
  47. Residence of Mr. Vikas Jain at Nagpur.
  48. Residence for Mr. Mishra at Gondia.
  49. G+4 apartment scheme for Parth Developers, Nagpur.
  50. G+4 apartment scheme for Shivraj Builders, Nagpur.
  51. G+4 apartment scheme for Balaji Developers, Mouza Wathoda.
  52. G+4 apartment scheme for Govind Builders, Nagpur.
  53. G+4 apartment scheme for Lata Infra, Nagpur.
  54. Hospital at Ramtek for PWD, Nagpur.
  55. Mr Dandekar Residence, Nagpur.
  56. Manish Chauhan Residence, Nagpur.
  57. Mr. Manoj residence at Lakadganj, Nagpur.
  58. Mr. Pravin Heda’s residence, Wardha
  59. 18 number of Led screen’s 28’ x 16’ (Specialty Design)
  60. Prefabricated Structures at Jalgaon.
  61. Mr. Borkar’s apartment complex at Nagur (G+4)
  62. Hotel at Gondia (B+G+4)
  63. Residence at Mahal, Nagpur.

And Many More...