Project Management Consultancy

We use integration of different software which are based on Autodesk platform and Bentley platform which integrates project schedule and estimate with 3d model. These advanced technologies for project Management Consultancygives the owner clear idea of the whole project and inform exactly what is going on site.

We have team of experienced people who can handle site execution with ease, coordination and can resolve complex issues.

Conforming To Highest Standards In Construction!

As Project Managers in the construction industry, we at Prism, undertake a planned series of activities and design them in synchronization with our customer’s requirements, whenever we go on board with new projects. This includes overall planning, coordination, monitoring and controlling of a project from inception to completion in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project that will be completed on time, within authorized cost and to the required quality standards.

Our Project Management services are classified into three typical stages.

From the moment we take up a project, we chalk out a roadmap for our customers, taking ownership of the entire project right from its budding stages. This process includes advising, monitoring, and reporting on Pre-Construction activities of the project. Next, prism initiates the project by preparing a project execution plan that will set out the cost, time, and quality objectives of the project and the systems and procedures used to achieve these objectives. The overall objective of the Pre-Construction process is to improve efficiency, reduce cost and time (by providing clear briefings, pre-planning meetings, workshops, and resource allocation), and value maximization (by managing the supply chain, making timely decisions, and operating in a pro-active and robust environment).

 Phases of Pre Construction Management

 Project definition

  Project administration

 Appointment contractors

  Design management & coordination


  Procurement Management / Tender and Bid management

 Planning management/ Forecasting management

 Cost management

  Risk management

 Value management

Prism starts the construction management process during the preliminary design stage when project planning milestones are established, construction concepts are developed, and the overall plan is prepared.

As a part of Project Management Consultancy, during the construction period, Prism will prepare a construction management strategy, procedure, and manual and undertake ‘Construction Process Management’ which is essentially a strategy of overseeing the General contractor’s/ Sub -contractor’s supervision team at the site, monitoring their established processes and doing periodic quality checks at random.

As Client Representative, Prism will represent your best interest in interactions with contractors, major subcontractors, and all other consultants.

During the final design, construction management tasks include constructability and cost-saving reviews, consequent design changes, and environmental compliance. The construction phase involves implementing the construction plan by the Project Construction Manager, including day-to-day communications and coordination with contractors.

  Phases of Construction & Installation Management

  Appointment of contractors

  Planning management/Forecasting Management

  Cost management

  Site management

  Quality control

  Environment, Health & Safety management

 Co-ordination with the client, architect, and other consultants

We ensure that the project is handed over to the client in a controlled and disciplined manner through our post-construction management services. Prism will also coordinate the handover of all documents, including as-built drawings and approved O&M manuals by the Contractors/ Vendor.

  Phases of Post Construction Management

  Appointment of contractors

  Planning management/Forecasting Management

  Package closure – technical & commercial

  Final cost report

  Co-ordination for hand over - documents including as-built drawings, operation & maintenance manuals

We Value Your Money As Much As You Do!

Prism can also undertake assignments of Cost Management, Cost Audit and Cost Monitoring of the project to ensure that the project is being developed to the Client’s requirements within the best value proposition and budget. Prisms’ Cost Management Team establishes an effective centralized Cost Management and Change Monitoring system for all stakeholders in the project.

Our Cost Consultancy services are classified into four typical stages.

  Initial budgetary estimate

  Preparation of detailed Estimate as per the respective department.

 Preliminary cash flow

  Identification of items for advance purchase

  Value management (with Consultants)

  Cost monitoring (against design progress)

  Preliminary cost plan & cash flows

  Procurement strategy – packages, tendering & contracts

  Preparation of contract documentation.

  Preparation of standard &consistent BOQ

  Tender review & analysis

  Preparation of Letter of award & Contracts

 Cost control & administration

  Revised cash flow & financial advice based on tenders

  Change management strategies

 Progressive cost plan & monitoring of costs

 Monthly project cost report

 Indent & check measurements/quantities, Material reconciliation

  Standard procedures for progress payments

  Attend meetings.

  Monthly valuations & progress payments

  Preparation of final accounts

  Financial & contractual close-out

 Lower material costs

 Lower construction costs

  Procurement of Materials in time.

  Comparison of cost of

  Shorter timescales

  Automated alignment between project teams

  Controlled change management

  Informed decision making

  Bulletproof audit trail

  Enriched data handover

 Improved project quality

  Use of BIM for project management consultancy gives a clear idea about the project to the client.

From Start To Finish, We Do It All!

We understand what it takes to build successful projects. Hence, in addition to providing end-to-end Project Management Services, Planning, Design Services, Cost Consultancy and other real-estate Allied Services, we are competent in offering complete Development Solutions.

This includes various packaged services that can either be customized/hand-picked or opted as a whole as per the client’s requirement.

  Feasibility Analysis

Within Feasibility Analysis, we assess the viability of the project before its inception. The Development team at Masters can assist Clients (landowners) in defining a project's objectives and arriving at the “best land use” strategy for the development of the available land bank. In addition, prism can assist in evaluating the feasibility of the land, identifying potential investors, legal advisors, and managing a diverse team, including market consultants, master planners, and architects for the development of the concept.

 Real Estate Advisory

Prism undertakes an advisory nature assignment for various banks, real estate funds, individuals and organizations, looking to invest in the real estate market in India. Our team of professionals provides project-specific advice on the creative, technical, and administrative know-how required to develop a sound strategy for developers and investors. In addition, as Real Estate Advisors, Prism can assist in pre-construction due diligence, followed by ongoing periodic audits at the site after the commencement of construction.

  Techno-Commercial Due Diligence

This service is best-suited for renovating, restoring, or re-creating old buildings/projects. As a part of this service, we assist our clients in the technical evaluation of pre-existing buildings and projects. Evaluation entails review and reporting on the property’s overall physical condition, pertinent components or building systems, physical deficiencies and conditions that would limit the expected useful life of major components or systems, and provision of estimated costs to remedy physical deficiencies and annual capital reserve expenditures.


In Turnkey or ready-to-sell projects, we build to the buyer’s exact specification.

  Design & Build

As the name suggests, from designing to building, we take care of end-to-end services involved in the completion of projects.

 Construction Management @ Risk

In this model, we act as consultants to the owner in the development and design phases providing pre-construction services and then offer construction and contracting solutions during the construction stage.