BIM Execution On Site

BIM execution on site and implementation of BIM is very important. We leave no stone unturned in making sure that all the advantages of BIM are squeezed while implementing BIM on site. Poor implementation of BIM on site could lead all efforts in vain. A lot many times just raising RFI’s is not the solution to problem, making sure that the concerned person understands the RFI, it is acknowledged and implemented on site is of utmost importance.

Many times what’s being built on site is not as per drawing or not as per BIM model, addressing those changes for good or for bad, communicating them and bringing it to notice of stakeholders is important for integrated site management process. Any change in one discipline say Architectural can lead to change in structural which in turn might lead to rerouting of MEP or ceiling height might need to be adjusted. All these changes should reflect immediately in the Federated (Combined ASI & MEP) BIM model immediately after receipt of all drawings and should be communicated on site.

We deploy BIM Coordinator on site to ensure BIM is being implemented on site. He is equipped with high end workstation which has all the required hardware and software’s. We do training of onsite people so that they could view the model and understand the process. Training varies on BIM requirement which is explained in BIM Execution plan.

Role of Onsite BIM Coordinator:
  • Real time doubt clarification to the on-site team.
  • Providing On-site progress update to the production team for 4D & 5D simulations.
  • Helping the on-site team visualise any tricky section or detail view.
  • Bridging any communication gap between the off-site and the on-site team.
Photos of BIM Execution On Site