Family Creation

We Provide Revit Family Creation Services with Speed and Accuracy.

As a Revit Family Creation Service Provider, we understand the Revit Family requirements of Building Product Manufacturers & Construction Product Manufacturers very well – fully parametric, a higher degree of visual fidelity, detailed, and graphical for the digital catalog which they can deliver to their end clients.

We can create parametric & standard 2D/3D AutoCAD & 3D Revit Families with parameters such as materials & finishes, dimensions, and identity data, three levels of details – coarse (LOD 100-200), medium (LOD 300) and fine (LOD 400-500) and construction & 3D views. The services include developing Revit families and AutoCAD files for all types of building & construction products – roofing, electrical, furniture, flooring, masonry, stone, siding, etc. in the required software version such as Autodesk’s Revit 2018/2019/2020/2021.

All we require is a specification sheet/product cut sheet, sketches, or even from files provided in IFC, Solidworks, Fusion 360, InfraWorks, 3DS Max, SketchUp, STEP, etc. If 2D CAD drawings in AutoCAD are available, then we can create Revit families from it or we can develop drawings files in 2D/3D AutoCAD (.dwg) format or IFC format as well as Sketchup (.skp) format along with 3D Revit family files.

We have experience of developing hundreds of Revit families & 2D/3D CAD files for furniture, furnishings, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, communication equipment, and specialties for the guest rooms and public spaces.

Revit family/BIM objects allows equipment or products to be visualized and placed in-situ in a 3D environment to gauge sizing and positioning relative to other elements of the building.

Family Creation